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    12 Small Business Marketing Tips That AREN’T Social Media

    1. Printed Postcards.

    Print out a fun, funny, or otherwise engaging postcard that doubles as an advertisement and use it as a mail out to prospective clients. Something of this nature is far more likely to reach customers then a standard advertising mail out. It is also more likely to be passed around and hung on to.

    EXAMPLE: I spoke with one client who used this to great success in her market area. The postcards were so successful in engagement, that during one cold call, she noticed one of them hanging from the company fridge.

    The Why: The success of a post card can be traced to its content. It consists primarily of an image and only the necessary text. Our society is increasingly image driven, with brief attention spans. The image compounds on our natural tendency to be drawn to imagery and the brief text is enough to present a quick brand statement, without losing them.

    The postcard mail-out is not meant to make the sale, it is meant to generate the lead by drawing traffic to you and your website.

    BONUS: Postcard’s are extremely budget friendly and dollar for dollar have one of the highest advertising impacts.

    Marketing success is directly related to content. Keep it fresh (image source marketingassasin.wordpress.com)

    2. Variety Works! So Don’t Be A One Trick Pony.

    While relying on the same tried and tested techniques is not a bad thing, variety substantially increases advertising & marketing impact. Try varying your approach and rotate your tactics. Consider these points:

    • Customers, have a short attention span. Changing your approach will ensure that they don’t become numb to your efforts.
    • Customers want to matter. When they see that they are worth an effort, and not just a “programmed mass mail-out” they feel important, and that in turn means they are engaged.
    • Repeating the same thing over and over, breaks several key marketing rules (and besides, it is lame). You get bored and so do your customers.
    • Marketing & Advertising are all about showcasing your business and ingenuity. Clever advertising creates business / brand visibility and positions you as a stand-out to your customers.

    The Why: Utilizing different tactics is one way to ensure that you are memorable and that is what leads to sales. Give your customers a reason to remember you, keep the content and the approach fresh.

    There are literally thousands of different ways to reach your clients, however not every technique will be suitable for your customer base. Explore, try new things and have fun, but remember to do your homework and use the methods that make the most sense.

    Partnering with other businesses on promotions increases impact, audience and exposure.

    3. Partner Up.

    Let’s face it, when it comes to small businesses, we are all in this together. We ourselves have had great success in establishing promotional partnerships with other small businesses spanning all manner of industries.

    EXAMPLE: A great example occurred recently. We ran a summer promotion offering to build a “custom website” for the winner.

    The winner of the promotion approached us to ask if we would  like to team up to offer the website prize to a local auction. This customer had access to this auction, where we did not and all they asked in return was that they get secondary billing as a contributor.

    What began as a individual promotion on the part of our business, became a partnered promotion to over 500 bit ticket clients! Our business and theirs got some great visibility as a result and everyone came out a winner.

    Opportunities to partner on promotions abound and are only limited by your creativity.

    The Why: Partnerships can greatly reduce costs, increase impacted audiences and breed goodwill. It increases your exposure and the likelihood of word of mouth referrals by your partners. Each time you can build better relationships between your business and others you are providing the best kind of marketing there is. MORE HERE

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